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Resol VBus LAN adapter on Resol DeltaSol C Plus

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

I’ve finally received my Resol VBus/LAN adapter! I’ve installed it this weekend on my RigSun solar system and connected it to the home automation so that I can log the system’s data (temperatures and pump states).

It was very easy to integrate, being a simple proxy to the VBus solar controller, with a trivial TCP/IP connection protocol. The VBus binary protocol was easier to implement than I thought inicially. I’ve developed a cool class to interface with my solar controller (Resol DeltaSol C Plus), and I can subclass it easily and quickly to accomodate other Resol controllers.

VBus is almost RS-485 (modified to provide parasitic power to the devices on the network, I guess), so it should be simple to make an electronic adapter, but I have no time now to investigate. Later perhaps.

I’ll share the data here, along with a couple of small modifications I’m making to the system.

A iluminação Pública sobre outra luz

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Não é meu costume, mas aqui vai um link para um video que demonstra como a iluminação pública devia ser:


Espero que neste país comecem a investir mais em coisas que valham a pena, e não apenas a esbanjar dinheiro em coisas estúpidas, que parecem ser “inventadas” só para encher os bolsos a determinados amiguinhos (como os painéis de aviso dos preços dos combustíveis nas auto-estradas, ou ainda pior, os sinais que avisam com 8 km de antecedência que os painéis vão aparecer… ).

Everybody’s home

Friday, July 17th, 2009

I’m baffled by this great documentary I say on TV last night, “HOME”. You should go see it, when you have some free time, it’s freely available on the internet (or, better yet, purchase it in high definition on Blueray). It talks about our collective home, planet Earth, and what we’ve done to our resources, nature and society in the past 60 years alone. The video footage is beautifull to behold. Although the ideias exposed are not pretty, they are definitely eye-opening.

If you think all this is nonsense, and that you alone cannot change the World, think about this: you are never alone. You have familly, friends, and/or co-workers. If you influence 5 people to think differently, those 5 people will influence 25 more, those will influence 125 more, those will influence 625, those will influence 3125, and so on.

I’m contributing already; my future house will be mostly powered by the sun.

It really is too late to be pessimist!

Hora do Planeta

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Somos nós que decidimos se queremos ou não cuidar do planeta. Se a ideia for popular, então até os senhores com muito dinheiro se interessam. Porque se há “procura”, há “oferta”.

Vamos então pensar nisto a sério, e cuidar do planeta. E não, não temos de abdicar de nada no processo. Até podemos viver bem melhor! Tenho um post long due sobre isto que tenho de publicar.

Até lá, sejam biopositivos!