Hidden Gems

Buying stuff off eBay is a risky business. Still, the best deals are usually hidden in the most misterious auctions, the ones with small, blurry, misfocused pictures and very little description. Sometimes you get lucky.

I was looking for Magic: the Gathering cards from the Ice Age edition, since it is one of my favorites and it is impossible to purchase new. What I was searching for was someone selling a personal collection of cards, with rares, uncommons and commons alike, just as I would get them if I purchased some boosters. I knew it was difficult, because people usually sell/buy/trade the best cards, and someone selling cards as a lot will almost allways sell the big, rare cards seperately. But I found these auctions about Ice Age cards; blurry pictures ahoy, but the description mentioned some of the cards’ names, and they were really interesting. Many were not even from Ice Age, but from early editions like Arabian Nights, Fallen Empires, Legends or Homelands.

I think I really got lucky this time, since not only are some cards really great and dificult to find, they are in pristine condition! Some of the stuff I found: Serra Angel, Zuran Orb, Necropotence, Baron Sengir, Divine Offering, Fellwar Stone, Serrated Arrows, Northern Paladin, White Knight, Armageddon, Wrath of God, Balance, Urza’s Tower/Mine/Power Plant…

It was like opening a really BIG old booster of awesome cards!