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  • Hiatus

    Yes, I know I haven’t written on this blog as much as I’d like to, but things are starting to normalize. Having a little newborn baby at home and trying to finish my house, along with a very intense work schedule, did not contribute to my free time at all. My personal projects have been […]

  • Codebits V – ignition!

    I’m on my Alfa Pendular train, heading to the Parque das Nações in Lisboa, for the Codebits V! If you’re there, do look me up on the premises! 🙂

  • To infinity and beyond!

    Ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted to send a probe of mine into near space. When I grew up and learned a bit more about the laws the govern the universe (at least the ones we can come up with nowadays), I realized it was not an easy task. But I didn’t want […]

  • Idiotices estatais

    O estado dá um incentivo na compra de painéis solares para aquecimento de água de uma habitação. Parece-me boa ideia. Aliás, tão boa que equipei a minha casa nova com um sistema solar poderoso, apoiado por uma caldeira a lenha. Um sistema com um ciclo de carbono perfeito em termos de consumos. No entanto, o […]

  • Time scavenging

    You know when you’re playing this great action game that has you doing some amazing stuff, but you have limited time to accomplish your mission? Once in a while, you come against these beautiful clocks just floating there in the air… up for grabs. You pick one up and presto! There you go! Another 2 […]

  • Fun with the Arduino Ethernet Shield

    I’ve been using the Arduino platform as a means to develop some of the devices I’ve been needing, from the most simple (my daughter’s color-changing nightlight) to the most complex (a stand-alone, fault-tolerant, inexpensive telemetrics system). Somewhere along the way, the Ethernet shield come into the picture. To be a part of my designs, I […]

  • I’m all green today…

    … and leapy and croacky! Codebits is amazing!

  • Riding the stream… to Codebits!

    I’m aboard an Alpha Pendular train, heading for the Pavilhão Atlântico, to attend Codebits! I’m taking some clothing, some retro gear, my laptop and a lot of will to learn, teach and have fun! All this while listening to “Riding the Stream” from Bjorn Linne. It’s from one of my favourite games of the time: […]

  • I’ve always been a Rebol, anyway

    Some years ago, when I went to University, I preached to anyone that would listen about Java’s greatest virtues. I was a true Java evangelist, but people mocked me and said I was nuts. I can still hear myself back then: “But it’s an object oriented language, WORA! The platform is one of it’s strenghs, […]

  • Codebits 2010

    Aí vem ela! Os anos passados nunca consegui estar na Codebits os três dias (por limitações de trabalho), mas este ano não vou deixar que isso aconteça; vou mesmo do início ao fim! Desde que comecei e ir às Minho Campus Party que fiquei com o bichinho destes eventos. Achei a MCP bastante orientada aos […]