Notes and ideas: capturing the æther

I’m in search of a note-taking software. Here are my notes 🙂 on what I’d like the software to do (aka features):

* Keep text-based notes, with a flexible editor (embbed/link images, video, PDFs, spreadsheets, etc).

* Video note-taking (aka Flink’s Help Files 🙂 ), with automatic speech-to-text processing (creates a text document associated to the video with the extracted speech, so that is it easier to search for stuff I talk about in the videos).

* A powerfull search engine, capable of going down to PDFs, text on images, spoken content on videos, spreadsheets, etc.

* An open and easy to store data model; access, backup and recovery of the database should be trivial. Software only lasts so long, data should last forever.

* Having access (at least in read-only form) to my notes everywhere with a simple browser.

* Having the possibility to “upload” a new note in a trivial way (via email or a simple web page).

* Having the possibility to mark notes as public (to share with the World) or private (not everything I do is interesting to everyone, trust me).

In the past, I’ve setup and used a wiki on my server (Flink’s realm). It was a good experience, I stopped using it because of lack of time and server re-arrengement, but still is one of my possibilities. The other one is using a note-taking software (like Evernote or Notebook), but I can’t find anything that seems to support video (even without the speech-recognition-for-searching part).

If I can’t be satisfied, writing my own is a possibility (not just now, I’ve got a lot on my hands right now). Any suggestions?