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  • Programa a tua vida

    O post do Pedro Cardoso sobre o vídeo que anda por aí sobre o ensino/importância da programação fez-me querer escrever sobre a minha própria experiência. Tive o meu primeiro computador aos 4-5 anos. Era um Timex Computer 2068, um maquinão na altura! Claro que inicialmente jogava alguns jogos que o meu pai me arranjava, mas […]

  • No display, no go

    In a recent telemetry project, I selected a very small form factor, low power consumption computer to tackle the task of sending data from a factory to another. Since Raspberry Pis and look-alikes are still difficult to source quickly, I went with an industrial solution (an Advantech ARK 1120). Since the machine was to stay […]

  • Servers ahoy!

    I’ve had Apple servers for quite some time now (actually, this MacMini is my fourth Mac doing server roles, after a G3 iBook, a dual G4 MDD PowerMac (power hog alert!) and a beautiful G4 iMac), and I’ve had an incredibly positive experience. Although people are complaining about (Mountain) Lion Server’s simplicity, I believe things […]

  • Hot Swap

    One thing I’ve been absolutely jealous of the PLC world is the ability to hotswap DataBlocks, FCs, etc. I mean, while the PLC is running and executing code, you can simply upload a modified version of an FC (basically a function) and… it just works. The PLC (once the upload is completed) changes the function […]

  • SAPO Codebits V

    Este fim-de-semana, estive no SAPO Codebits, um evento criado pelo SAPO que junta centenas de programadores portugueses num ambiente fabuloso de criatividade e entre-ajuda. É difícil de categorizar este evento, mas de lá saem todos os anos alguns dos mais avançados, arrojados e tecnologicamente avançados projectos do planeta. Eu adorei a experiência; já tendo participado […]

  • VirtualBox and greater screen resolution on the Guest

    If you’re in the automation field and work with Siemens WinCC software, you have most certainly got projects with different screen resolutions; and screen resolutions are chosen and fixed on the design side. Wich means that if you have to work on a project in a computer with a smaller resolution, you simply can’t see […]

  • The quick brown fox…

    In your home, when you touch a button, you expect the associated lamp to light immediately. For example, if you open the door to your basement, you need light right now to go down the stairs safely. Waiting a couple of seconds for the lamp to light is not expected, nor desirable. After all, the […]

  • A iluminação Pública sobre outra luz

    Não é meu costume, mas aqui vai um link para um video que demonstra como a iluminação pública devia ser: ArquiLED Espero que neste país comecem a investir mais em coisas que valham a pena, e não apenas a esbanjar dinheiro em coisas estúpidas, que parecem ser “inventadas” só para encher os bolsos a determinados […]

  • See you later, Codebits!

    Because I will definitely be there again, next year! I loved everything about the experience: the spirit, the adrenalin, the retro-area the sharing of knowledge, coding on unknown languages and platforms… against the clock! Yes, even the pizza, hamburgers, Vitamin Water, the fruit, the salads… there was a lot of variety this year, and that […]

  • Notes and ideas: capturing the æther

    I’m in search of a note-taking software. Here are my notes 🙂 on what I’d like the software to do (aka features): * Keep text-based notes, with a flexible editor (embbed/link images, video, PDFs, spreadsheets, etc). * Video note-taking (aka Flink’s Help Files 🙂 ), with automatic speech-to-text processing (creates a text document associated to […]