…jumps over the lazy dog!

There is one part of the HMI system I did in a somewhat “lazy” way. I’m creating display objects (JFrames, charts) in memory for each of the display elements. While this ends up being a nice tradeoff between memory and speed (changing between elements is near-instantaneous), I should probably reduce the memory footprint of the HMI application.

Then again, this version has quite a lot going on (charts, threads, etc), and I should probably leave it alone and develop an alternate, slimmed-down version (to run on embedded and tablet machines). Without charts or Swing widgets, pure raster graphics, like a game. After all, I won’t need charts on every element in every control point of the home automation. Most of the time I just want an overview of the house, give some commands, check out the results, and be done with it. Quickly. If I must analyse something, the historic screen is a very capable tool.

Next up, is creating a simple, yet good Web-based interface, or at least a simple dashboard. Check out this project’s web interface, it’s really cool!

And while I’m at it, create a version of the server app without the JFrame… and a socket I can connect to to send commands (Start/Stop).