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  • …jumps over the lazy dog!

    There is one part of the HMI system I did in a somewhat “lazy” way. I’m creating display objects (JFrames, charts) in memory for each of the display elements. While this ends up being a nice tradeoff between memory and speed (changing between elements is near-instantaneous), I should probably reduce the memory footprint of the […]

  • The quick brown fox…

    In your home, when you touch a button, you expect the associated lamp to light immediately. For example, if you open the door to your basement, you need light right now to go down the stairs safely. Waiting a couple of seconds for the lamp to light is not expected, nor desirable. After all, the […]

  • My house is growing up

    My super-secret project advances pretty well! Ok, so my home automation project is not that super secret anymore, but the progress is definitely there. The network of nodes is working perfectely, lighting and blinds control is 100% done in terms of logic (I still need to prettify these elements visually), as are the temperature sensors. […]

  • Muito movimento

    Há pouco tempo comecei a procurar sensores de movimento para o meu projecto ultra-secreto; mas nas lojas aqui da zona (electrónica, electricidade, chinesas…), só encontro sensores com alimentação de 230V, alguns até preparados apenas para ligar uma carga de 230V (o neutro da carga é comum com a alimentação). Ora eu preciso de sensores com […]

  • Dealing with PT1000 probes

    I designed my new central heating system in the most flexible way: it basically has heat generators, heat consumers, and a heat store. It has a hot water cylinder, used as the store; the generators are 6 solar panels (thermal, not photovoltaic), and a wood-based water boiler (the livingroom fireplace); the consumers are the hidraulic […]