Resol VBus LAN adapter on Resol DeltaSol C Plus

I’ve finally received my Resol VBus/LAN adapter! I’ve installed it this weekend on my RigSun solar system and connected it to the home automation so that I can log the system’s data (temperatures and pump states).

It was very easy to integrate, being a simple proxy to the VBus solar controller, with a trivial TCP/IP connection protocol. The VBus binary protocol was easier to implement than I thought inicially. I’ve developed a cool class to interface with my solar controller (Resol DeltaSol C Plus), and I can subclass it easily and quickly to accomodate other Resol controllers.

VBus is almost RS-485 (modified to provide parasitic power to the devices on the network, I guess), so it should be simple to make an electronic adapter, but I have no time now to investigate. Later perhaps.

I’ll share the data here, along with a couple of small modifications I’m making to the system.






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    Isso está a ficar apetitoso pá, tenho mesmo de ir aí fazer uma “visita de estudo” lol