Categoria: Java

  • Java app bundle on OS X

    I have a complex project running in one of our biggest clients (one of the best worldwide in it’s area), and the deploy machines are all Apple. Since my software is written in Java, it runs on every OS under the Sun (oh my…), but on the Mac you really want to go the extra […]

  • Hot Swap

    One thing I’ve been absolutely jealous of the PLC world is the ability to hotswap DataBlocks, FCs, etc. I mean, while the PLC is running and executing code, you can simply upload a modified version of an FC (basically a function) and… it just works. The PLC (once the upload is completed) changes the function […]

  • Software : How it should NOT be done

    It’s impressive how some big name software developers still are so complaisant with utterly absurd limitations. This is a screen capture of the installation of a big industrial brand software for configuring their measuring hardware (fluid flow, level, temperature, etc). “This will change your system permanently. While installing system components your computer may restart without […]

  • OPC – OLE (Open?!) Process Control

    In my industrial meanderings, I’ve been using some I/O modules for wich I write device drivers (for my data layer abstraction). One of these involves the OPC protocol (OLE for Process Control). It’s actually a pretty good ideia (badly implemented). The ideia is that all data devices should be easily accessible by a standard communications […]

  • WayTooSimpleDateFormatToBeBelieved

    Why is it always the things that are supposed to be simple that come around and byte you in the behind? In my present (Java) project (a quasi-real-time data aquisition and archiving module), I had a SimpleDateFormat for parsing and formating dates in UTC format. Things were all cute and sweet, until I got more […]