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  • Space Dreams

    I’ve blogged in the past about space exploration. It’s probably my most inner desire, to explore space beyond our planet. [era uma vez o espaço] It’s not that I want to be an astronaut, get into a spaceship and fly into space. No. What I’d like is to be part of a space exploration mission, […]

  • Phobos-Grunt, wake up!

    You might be aware of a very interesting space mission launched this November: the Phobos-Grunt sample return mission. Mission control does not have (2-way) communications with the vessel while in close Earth orbit (yes, this is apparently a planned situation), so it was expected to slingshot away from Earth autonomously. Although the launch went well, […]

  • Andromeda Ascendant

    Tenho mixed feelings por esta série de ficção científica; adoro a ideia, a nave, a história de background (ou não tivesse sido o Gene Roddenberry a imaginá-las), e a primeira season foi boa na globalidade, mas depois os episódios começam a parecer um pouco “forçados”, sem ligação, pouco credíveis e até vazios… principalmente a partir […]

  • Giant leap lost in time

    What happened to the “giant leap for mankind”? When I was a kid, I thought we would be much more advanced in space exploration by now. I checked the Lunar Exploration Timeline… 40 years have gone by, and I see no obvious evolution from that amazing Apollo 11 feat. I used to dream about space […]