Amiga SBC: were are you?

I would love to have a small SBC (single-board computer) Amiga, with an optional companion touch-screen display. 🙂

Something like a crossbreed between an Amiga A1200 and an Arduino Mega. A small, cheap, powerful, easily programmable SBC.

Imagine a small A1200-like system (on a 12x12cm board), running a dedicated version of AmigaOS 3 (light and fast, 3-second boot time), a 68030-equivalent CPU, 32MB RAM, an updated graphics chip (Sarah) with video out (Composite and VGA/DVI/HDMI), Paula audio, a comms chip (Vera) sporting Ethernet, RS-485, I2C, and GPIO (general purpose digital and analog I/O pins). 7-36V input power, very low power consumption (5W tops).

Advanced users could take full advantage of AmigaOS by developing full-fledged applications (full-screen graphics, lots of programming languages and platforms, control the booting process via Startup-sequence, etc). But for the system to be really popular, one should create a simple IDE (integrated development environment), like the Arduino’s, for the basic functions (GPIO logic, communications, and  some basic touchscreen graphics and widgets).

Sell it for 100€ each board. Sell it 125€ on a small enclosure, with DIN rail and wall mount adapters, and fast-connect headers on the GPIO pins. Sell a 6-inch touchscreen for 150€.

I’d love to have something like this for my projects (industrial control, home automation, telemetry, kyosks, points-of-information, etc)… maybe A-Eon/Hyperion will launch something like this after the X1000?







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  1. Avatar de Timesquid

    FLINK! did you ever find a solution? I would love to make a touchscreen work through PS/2 on a mini LCD for my amiga 4000…

    Ive been looking for hours, EZscreen is the only thing that may be possible, but there are no drivers for amiga and the product is no longer avail.

  2. Avatar de admin

    It’s not an easy task, but not an impossible one. I still don’t have my A4000 in decent shape to try it out, but I’m giving this a try even if I have to write the drivers myself for some RS-232 touch screen LCD.

    Although a Workbench driver would be good, the best for me would be a hardware thing that made possible to connect the RS-232 touch screen to the native mouse port. I think it could be done, even if it had a bit of lag. I’ll post again about it if/when I get something done.