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  • Programa a tua vida

    O post do Pedro Cardoso sobre o vídeo que anda por aí sobre o ensino/importância da programação fez-me querer escrever sobre a minha própria experiência. Tive o meu primeiro computador aos 4-5 anos. Era um Timex Computer 2068, um maquinão na altura! Claro que inicialmente jogava alguns jogos que o meu pai me arranjava, mas […]

  • Nexus 7 (Andromeda) and Interference (Sanity)

    Just had to leave my tribute here to these two demos that really amazed me when I was a kid… the effects and art were great (the Interference opening image is a classic), the transitions very well thought out, and the music… oh, the music… it is simply brilliant! 😮 Nowadays, I always have with […]

  • Amiga SBC: were are you?

    I would love to have a small SBC (single-board computer) Amiga, with an optional companion touch-screen display. 🙂 Something like a crossbreed between an Amiga A1200 and an Arduino Mega. A small, cheap, powerful, easily programmable SBC. Imagine a small A1200-like system (on a 12x12cm board), running a dedicated version of AmigaOS 3 (light and […]

  • System choices for Home Automation

    I’m studying the hardware and software for my Home Automation project, namely for the server and clients of the SCADA system. I won’t use Windows for these systems, because I need something that I can trust (and immune to viruses/trojans/attacks), and in the end it gets expensive. MacOS X and Linux comply (better at least) […]

  • Java on the AmigaOS

    I’m into some retrogaming lately, mainly on the Amiga. This made me look at the Amiga scene, and I’m really happy about the recent events. Another one of these is that apparentely, Hyperion is going to push Java onto AmigaOS 4.2! Even if not a complete/modern version, having a Java VM on AmigaOS is (IMHO) […]

  • Alchimie 2009

    Vou só deixar aqui uma nota de relevo para uma party que vai acontecer em França, nos dias 6, 7 e 8 de Novembro, e que me parece ser muito interessante (principalmente para antigos Amigans como eu). Chama-se Alchimie 2009. O tema recorrente é, claro, os sistemas alternativos (Amiga, Ubuntu/Linux, Haiku, …). Este ano, os […]

  • AmigaOS unchained

    It has finally happened! It’s great news to see AmigaOS free from it’s legal disputes! Hyperion seem to now have full rights to develop it for whatever hardware platform they desire. I hope they give the OS a clear roadmap, even if it is primarily targeted to a niche market (like the embedded one, where […]

  • Amiga Research Operating System

    Estive a dar uma primeira voltinha com o AROS, e gostei muito do que vi! Para quem não sabe, o AROS é um sistema operativo desenvolvido de raiz, pensado para ser API-compatible com o AmigaOS 3. A ideia é ser um OS moderno, que corra em várias plataformas (mas principalmente em arquitectura x86), e onde […]

  • The Amiga: tool or toy?

    These days, things tend to be dominated by the biggest powers; there is always one or two big names that usually dominate some market. And when there are smaller contenders that start to have dimension, the big guys usually just swallow the small ones whole (getting rid of competition and gaining valuable assets in the […]

  • (Finally) Back for the Future (hopefully)

    It seems we may have a “new Amiga” in the market! Well, it’s a new motherboard, capable of running AmigaOS 4.1, and it’s called Sam440ep. It’s actually available to purchase on the Net! I would have liked to see a trully new Amiga; I mean a full computer, with a name, and a distinctive case. […]