Nexus 7 (Andromeda) and Interference (Sanity)

Just had to leave my tribute here to these two demos that really amazed me when I was a kid… the effects and art were great (the Interference opening image is a classic), the transitions very well thought out, and the music… oh, the music… it is simply brilliant! 😮

Nowadays, I always have with me a selection of musics from my Amiga days (I must remember to post the list), and these two are some of the best. Ever.

Hats off to you guys, even if 16 years later! 😉

P.S.: If you were an Amigan back then (this should bring back memories), and want to watch the demos again, just remember: nothing beats the real thing! Get your old Amiga out of storage and boot it up! 🙂






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    I totally agree with you.. nothing is like using the real thing. 😉 An emulator doesn’t give it justice.

    Watched Nexus 7 on my Amiga 1200 not long ago. This demo is impressive even today. Everything is so well synchronized to the music and the effects are super-smooth, even on a stock A1200.

    Have you seen some of the newer demos for the Amiga?