VirtualBox and greater screen resolution on the Guest

If you’re in the automation field and work with Siemens WinCC software, you have most certainly got projects with different screen resolutions; and screen resolutions are chosen and fixed on the design side. Wich means that if you have to work on a project in a computer with a smaller resolution, you simply can’t see all of the WinCC runtime screen.

Nowadays, I work from my MacBookPro and virtualize Windows and Linux everytime I need them for testing. This is also a very confortable way of dealing with these Windows-only situations like WinCC, but if you’re on VirtualBox and need a higher resolution to work with WinCC (1280×1024 in my case), you’re in trouble. That’s because by default VirtualBox does not allow the guest Windows to pick a resolution greater than the host OS’s.

There is a simple solution, although a bit burried in the manual: just copy-paste this into the terminal:

VBoxManage setextradata global GUI/MaxGuestResolution any

, and suddenly (well, after a guest OS reboot) you can pick humongous resolutions if you want. Then, activate the Scale Mode (Host key + G) and away you go!