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  • Programa a tua vida

    O post do Pedro Cardoso sobre o vídeo que anda por aí sobre o ensino/importância da programação fez-me querer escrever sobre a minha própria experiência. Tive o meu primeiro computador aos 4-5 anos. Era um Timex Computer 2068, um maquinão na altura! Claro que inicialmente jogava alguns jogos que o meu pai me arranjava, mas […]

  • No display, no go

    In a recent telemetry project, I selected a very small form factor, low power consumption computer to tackle the task of sending data from a factory to another. Since Raspberry Pis and look-alikes are still difficult to source quickly, I went with an industrial solution (an Advantech ARK 1120). Since the machine was to stay […]

  • Hot Swap

    One thing I’ve been absolutely jealous of the PLC world is the ability to hotswap DataBlocks, FCs, etc. I mean, while the PLC is running and executing code, you can simply upload a modified version of an FC (basically a function) and… it just works. The PLC (once the upload is completed) changes the function […]

  • VirtualBox and greater screen resolution on the Guest

    If you’re in the automation field and work with Siemens WinCC software, you have most certainly got projects with different screen resolutions; and screen resolutions are chosen and fixed on the design side. Wich means that if you have to work on a project in a computer with a smaller resolution, you simply can’t see […]

  • A iluminação Pública sobre outra luz

    Não é meu costume, mas aqui vai um link para um video que demonstra como a iluminação pública devia ser: ArquiLED Espero que neste país comecem a investir mais em coisas que valham a pena, e não apenas a esbanjar dinheiro em coisas estúpidas, que parecem ser “inventadas” só para encher os bolsos a determinados […]

  • AmigaOS unchained

    It has finally happened! It’s great news to see AmigaOS free from it’s legal disputes! Hyperion seem to now have full rights to develop it for whatever hardware platform they desire. I hope they give the OS a clear roadmap, even if it is primarily targeted to a niche market (like the embedded one, where […]

  • OPC – OLE (Open?!) Process Control

    In my industrial meanderings, I’ve been using some I/O modules for wich I write device drivers (for my data layer abstraction). One of these involves the OPC protocol (OLE for Process Control). It’s actually a pretty good ideia (badly implemented). The ideia is that all data devices should be easily accessible by a standard communications […]