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  • Java app bundle on OS X

    I have a complex project running in one of our biggest clients (one of the best worldwide in it’s area), and the deploy machines are all Apple. Since my software is written in Java, it runs on every OS under the Sun (oh my…), but on the Mac you really want to go the extra […]

  • Server down. Culprit: dust.

    My server went down yesterday! 😮 It was when I came to it to program a bit more on my Arduclema guinea pig that I realized it was off. I quickly opened the case (a 1.5-second affair on this dual-processsor PowerMac G4 MDD) to see if something was horribly wrong, and I saw the problem […]

  • A Calendar Bird’s Eye View

    I’ve been using my company’s paper calendar (the ones they distribute) to mark my project’s research, development schedules, deployment phases, support events, appointments, personal events, holidays, whatever. I like to have a view of the whole year; visualising the months ahead is great to preview stuff, but looking back at the past months is great […]

  • Expansão à la Apple

    É impressionante como os novos MacPro são simples de fazer upgrades. Adicionei um disco novo ao meu (um Western Digital de 640GB – WD6400AAKS – mas já lá vamos) e foi uma questão de 1 minuto. Menos, até. O raio do Mac tem os discos em pequenos berços, que encaixam directamente na caixa e na […]