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  • Servers ahoy!

    I’ve had Apple servers for quite some time now (actually, this MacMini is my fourth Mac doing server roles, after a G3 iBook, a dual G4 MDD PowerMac (power hog alert!) and a beautiful G4 iMac), and I’ve had an incredibly positive experience. Although people are complaining about (Mountain) Lion Server’s simplicity, I believe things […]

  • My house is growing up

    My super-secret project advances pretty well! Ok, so my home automation project is not that super secret anymore, but the progress is definitely there. The network of nodes is working perfectely, lighting and blinds control is 100% done in terms of logic (I still need to prettify these elements visually), as are the temperature sensors. […]

  • Server down. Culprit: dust.

    My server went down yesterday! 😮 It was when I came to it to program a bit more on my Arduclema guinea pig that I realized it was off. I quickly opened the case (a 1.5-second affair on this dual-processsor PowerMac G4 MDD) to see if something was horribly wrong, and I saw the problem […]

  • Back and on track

    Estou de volta ao meu blog, após um óptimo e merecido período de férias! Tenho tido muito trabalho (no emprego e fora dele), o que me impediu de escrever, mas agora vou tentar manter o ritmo. Para isso, vou começar um worklog do meu projecto ultra-secreto! 🙂 Vou fazê-lo em português (pelo menos para já), […]

  • Busy times

    Bolas, não tenho tempo nem para me coçar… entre a construção da casa nova e o trabalho só me sobra um bocadinho de tempo para tratar da minha raposita… e mal chega. Apreciem: tenho na cave dois Spectrum +2 e um Amiga 1200 que comprei no eBay. Ainda não os testei sequer! Isto não é […]

  • Everybody’s home

    I’m baffled by this great documentary I say on TV last night, “HOME”. You should go see it, when you have some free time, it’s freely available on the internet (or, better yet, purchase it in high definition on Blueray). It talks about our collective home, planet Earth, and what we’ve done to our resources, nature and […]

  • Home, Smart Home

    Although people are starting to take a better look at home automation (or domotics), there is still this idea that domotic are expensive, dispensable and a luxury. A mere toy, one that is quickly forgotten and seldomly used. And from what I’ve seen, they seem to be right. Today, I’m starting to build my house. […]

  • Farewell Zubidou

    I wrote the post below two years ago (24/01/2007, when doing some maintenance on my blog that was powered by Blosxom), but it never got posted because it got misplaced in the slipstream of files that find their way into (and out of) my server. I found this file today, and I feel I must […]

  • Class.forName( “home.sweet.home” ).getConstructor();

    Estou a ver que não vai ser fácil encontrar um constructor para a minha casa; a maioria gosta de dar orçamentos de apenas um (1) valor, para terraplanagens e movimentos de terras, construção de fundações, paredes e telhado. Um valor. Não faço a mais pequena ideia do que estou a pagar. E parece que a […]