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  • System choices for Home Automation

    I’m studying the hardware and software for my Home Automation project, namely for the server and clients of the SCADA system. I won’t use Windows for these systems, because I need something that I can trust (and immune to viruses/trojans/attacks), and in the end it gets expensive. MacOS X and Linux comply (better at least) […]

  • AmigaOS unchained

    It has finally happened! It’s great news to see AmigaOS free from it’s legal disputes! Hyperion seem to now have full rights to develop it for whatever hardware platform they desire. I hope they give the OS a clear roadmap, even if it is primarily targeted to a niche market (like the embedded one, where […]

  • A Calendar Bird’s Eye View

    I’ve been using my company’s paper calendar (the ones they distribute) to mark my project’s research, development schedules, deployment phases, support events, appointments, personal events, holidays, whatever. I like to have a view of the whole year; visualising the months ahead is great to preview stuff, but looking back at the past months is great […]

  • Home, Smart Home

    Although people are starting to take a better look at home automation (or domotics), there is still this idea that domotic are expensive, dispensable and a luxury. A mere toy, one that is quickly forgotten and seldomly used. And from what I’ve seen, they seem to be right. Today, I’m starting to build my house. […]

  • OPC – OLE (Open?!) Process Control

    In my industrial meanderings, I’ve been using some I/O modules for wich I write device drivers (for my data layer abstraction). One of these involves the OPC protocol (OLE for Process Control). It’s actually a pretty good ideia (badly implemented). The ideia is that all data devices should be easily accessible by a standard communications […]

  • The Amiga: tool or toy?

    These days, things tend to be dominated by the biggest powers; there is always one or two big names that usually dominate some market. And when there are smaller contenders that start to have dimension, the big guys usually just swallow the small ones whole (getting rid of competition and gaining valuable assets in the […]

  • (Finally) Back for the Future (hopefully)

    It seems we may have a “new Amiga” in the market! Well, it’s a new motherboard, capable of running AmigaOS 4.1, and it’s called Sam440ep. It’s actually available to purchase on the Net! I would have liked to see a trully new Amiga; I mean a full computer, with a name, and a distinctive case. […]

  • Dá-se router Siemens

    Tenho uma Net nova. Ou melhor, estou finalmente a tirar partido da ligação que tinha, sem problemas. Vi-me finalmente livre do meu router Siemens Gigaset, que fui obrigado a comprar aquando da instalação da minha linha da Cabovisão. Nunca tive problemas com a Cabovisão em termos de serviço, suporte, etc, mas a minha ligação era […]

  • Ribbit! Ribbit!

    Estou a planear ir à Sapo Codebits! Um amigo disse-me que o ambiente é porreiro e parece-me uma boa oportunidade para aprender alguma coisa e divertir-me um bocado. Bom, isto se conseguir arranjar férias para ir… acho que marcar um evento destes maioritariamente à semana é… complicado para tipos como eu que têm uma vida […]

  • Breefly Uninterrupting the Power Supply

    Comprei aqui há um par de anos uma UPS fanhosa da Mustek (Office 650VA) para proteger o meu PowerMac G4 MDD Dual 867Mhz. Custou 55€ e até parecia “bon marché”. Hoje, não aguenta o meu novo MacPro Quad Xeon 2GHz. Mal falha a alimentação, ela arreia e entra em erro. Supostamente devia aguentar facilmente o […]