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  • VirtualBox and greater screen resolution on the Guest

    If you’re in the automation field and work with Siemens WinCC software, you have most certainly got projects with different screen resolutions; and screen resolutions are chosen and fixed on the design side. Wich means that if you have to work on a project in a computer with a smaller resolution, you simply can’t see […]

  • To infinity and beyond!

    Ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted to send a probe of mine into near space. When I grew up and learned a bit more about the laws the govern the universe (at least the ones we can come up with nowadays), I realized it was not an easy task. But I didn’t want […]

  • Idiotices estatais

    O estado dá um incentivo na compra de painéis solares para aquecimento de água de uma habitação. Parece-me boa ideia. Aliás, tão boa que equipei a minha casa nova com um sistema solar poderoso, apoiado por uma caldeira a lenha. Um sistema com um ciclo de carbono perfeito em termos de consumos. No entanto, o […]

  • Performance versus Beauty

    I believe programming is an art. Just like an artisan creates an artifact, when I program I develop… and item. Although intangible (most of the time), it normally has a visual form (the application’s HMI, or Human-Machine Interface). This visual aspect should be coherent with the rest of the product, admirable, intriguing, exquisite. Designing a […]

  • Time scavenging

    You know when you’re playing this great action game that has you doing some amazing stuff, but you have limited time to accomplish your mission? Once in a while, you come against these beautiful clocks just floating there in the air… up for grabs. You pick one up and presto! There you go! Another 2 […]

  • Resol VBus LAN adapter on Resol DeltaSol C Plus

    I’ve finally received my Resol VBus/LAN adapter! I’ve installed it this weekend on my RigSun solar system and connected it to the home automation so that I can log the system’s data (temperatures and pump states). It was very easy to integrate, being a simple proxy to the VBus solar controller, with a trivial TCP/IP […]

  • Nexus 7 (Andromeda) and Interference (Sanity)

    Just had to leave my tribute here to these two demos that really amazed me when I was a kid… the effects and art were great (the Interference opening image is a classic), the transitions very well thought out, and the music… oh, the music… it is simply brilliant! 😮 Nowadays, I always have with […]

  • Fun with the Arduino Ethernet Shield

    I’ve been using the Arduino platform as a means to develop some of the devices I’ve been needing, from the most simple (my daughter’s color-changing nightlight) to the most complex (a stand-alone, fault-tolerant, inexpensive telemetrics system). Somewhere along the way, the Ethernet shield come into the picture. To be a part of my designs, I […]

  • …jumps over the lazy dog!

    There is one part of the HMI system I did in a somewhat “lazy” way. I’m creating display objects (JFrames, charts) in memory for each of the display elements. While this ends up being a nice tradeoff between memory and speed (changing between elements is near-instantaneous), I should probably reduce the memory footprint of the […]

  • The quick brown fox…

    In your home, when you touch a button, you expect the associated lamp to light immediately. For example, if you open the door to your basement, you need light right now to go down the stairs safely. Waiting a couple of seconds for the lamp to light is not expected, nor desirable. After all, the […]

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